S2E4: Interdependence: A Conversation with Elliot Nicely

Postcards from Texas is available for preorder Preorder one, or all three, of the Cuttlefish chapbooks for summer 2023: ⁠https://cuttlefishbooks.wixsite.com/home/2023-summer-book-launch⁠ Get Elliot’s Book If you would like a copy of Elliot’s chapbook weathered clapboard, you can email him at elliotnicely [at] yahoo [dot] com. This is a limited print run, so get yours today! MoreContinue reading “S2E4: Interdependence: A Conversation with Elliot Nicely”

Season Two Introduction

In GratitudeThank you to Peg Cherrin-Myers and Kimberly Kuchar for the coffees they bought me this month. I am now 80% of the way to covering my hosting costs! If you want to contribute, you can buy me a coffee here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/culinarysaijiki Join the Show: https://culinarysaijiki.com/join-the-conversation/ Read the Blog: https://culinarysaijiki.com/blog/(New posts start up next week!)Continue reading “Season Two Introduction”

Debatable summer haiku

Just as there isn’t always a clear distinction between one season and the next, sometimes a haiku feels seasonal without having a clear seasonal referent. I’m not talking about haiku that completely lack a kigo. Rather, I’m thinking about haiku that seem to have a kigo, yet are not clearly grounded in an identifiable season.Continue reading “Debatable summer haiku”

An Assortment of Summer Produce

This month, I wanted to do something more in line with a saijiki such as William J. Higginson’s Haiku World: An International Poetry Almanac. While in many posts I’ve been listing all the seasons in sections, this time, I want to just focus on summer food kigo. Summer is one of the peak times forContinue reading “An Assortment of Summer Produce”

Bonus Post: Spring and Summer Celebrations

First, thanks to Pamela Pfautsch for buying me a coffee and supporting The Culinary Saijiki. I appreciate that people I haven’t (yet) met in person are as excited about the project as I am. This bonus post features haiku and related forms from community readers. Thanks to everyone who sent me their work. I hadContinue reading “Bonus Post: Spring and Summer Celebrations”

Bonus Post: Call for Submissions

All members of the haiku community are invited to submit poems for an upcoming Culinary Saijiki bonus post. I want to showcase haiku that incorporate food and are also focused on the topic of late spring or early summer holidays. Examples of holidays include Labour Day (International), Mother’s Day (International), Memorial Day (United States), orContinue reading “Bonus Post: Call for Submissions”