Reminder: Last Chance for the Podcast Open Mic!

There is just one week left to submit some food haiku for the community open mic! This is the only open mic of season 2, so don’t wait around for next time. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting until 2024! Read on for full submission details. First, a reminder that if you run into any issues submittingContinue reading “Reminder: Last Chance for the Podcast Open Mic!”

S2E3: Form, Content, and Tamales

Community Open Mic Airs August 30th Click the Send a Voice Message button here: Deadline: Saturday, August 26th at 11:59 pm CST. Theme: Transitions Editorial Decisions: Cherry and Plum Blossoms Read the latest blog post here: Join the Conversation This season, I am welcoming both podcast guests and guest bloggers. If you’re interestedContinue reading “S2E3: Form, Content, and Tamales”

Want to be part of Season 2?

Season 2 of The Culinary Saijiki launches on March 20th. In addition to three community blog posts and three open mic episodes, I have a list of fun topics related to classical haiku. And there’s plenty of opportunity for fellow haijin to get involved. First, I am ready to start recording podcast guests for the new season. If youContinue reading “Want to be part of Season 2?”

Send haiku for the community blog post

With a bonus Tuesday in November, I decided I wanted to host another community blog post! (View the May community post here.) The first submission has already come in! I look forward to reading all the poems that come in and assembling them. Theme: Harvest Deadline: 11:59 p.m. CST on Wednesday, November 23rd Submission Form:Continue reading “Send haiku for the community blog post”

Podcast community open mic on 8/30

When planning this project, I decided that I would publish posts and podcast episodes on Tuesdays. Since there’s a fifth Tuesday in August, that means an extra week for content. When there was a bonus Tuesday back in May, I did a blog post in which I published community submissions around a theme. For August,Continue reading “Podcast community open mic on 8/30”