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Be Part of the Final Season

I’m already preparing for Season 3 of The Culinary Saijiki. I want to create a full 52 weeks of blog posts and podcasts episodes centered around the theme of “Feasts and Festivals.” My goal is to curate a global celebration of food and haiku in 2024, focusing on everything from bombastic national holidays to sacred religious traditions. To do that, I need your help! Visit the Season 3 page to review blog and podcast guidelines, and then fill out the submission form letting me know how you’d like to contribute. I’m excited to see your ideas for the final season of this project! To get started, scroll down to fill out the brainstorm form, or click the link below.

I selected the theme of “Feasts and Festivals” to serve as a guiding principle to create a season that embraces the full spectrum of culinary celebration, whether as part of a religious/spiritual tradition, a national holiday, or something related to culture and community. I can’t be an expert in every national, cultural, or spiritual celebration; I need your help creating content for this yearlong celebration and project sendoff. I’m inviting all haiku poets to contribute to Season 3. There are multiple ways to help: by writing blog posts, creating your own podcasts (just record; I’ll do the final production), or joining me for an interview about your chosen subject. There is a great deal of flexibility in how you can contribute, and I am happy to provide guidance.

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