Episode 4: Christine Wenk-Harrison: One-Jam Harvest

August 31 Open Mic To participate in the August 31st open mic bonus episode, click this link: https://anchor.fm/culinarysaijiki/message Guidelines: Each poet is limited to two haiku Before reading your haiku, please say your name or pen name and, if comfortable, where you’re writing from Please read each haiku twice Haiku should mention food, and connectContinue reading “Episode 4: Christine Wenk-Harrison: One-Jam Harvest”

Debatable summer haiku

Just as there isn’t always a clear distinction between one season and the next, sometimes a haiku feels seasonal without having a clear seasonal referent. I’m not talking about haiku that completely lack a kigo. Rather, I’m thinking about haiku that seem to have a kigo, yet are not clearly grounded in an identifiable season.Continue reading “Debatable summer haiku”

Episode 3: Claire Vogel Camargo: My Best Burger

In my penultimate Austin recording, I sat down with Claire Vogel Camargo at her home in Austin, Texas. We met after my final meeting with the Austin Haiku Study group. Claire and I talked at length about how food connects us to family, and her haiku brought up memories that led to fund stories andContinue reading “Episode 3: Claire Vogel Camargo: My Best Burger”

An Assortment of Summer Produce

This month, I wanted to do something more in line with a saijiki such as William J. Higginson’s Haiku World: An International Poetry Almanac. While in many posts I’ve been listing all the seasons in sections, this time, I want to just focus on summer food kigo. Summer is one of the peak times forContinue reading “An Assortment of Summer Produce”

Episode 2: Christa Pandey: Eggplant Abundance

Note: The theme music and transitions have changed because the ones I was using from my hosting service are suddenly no longer available. I discovered this at the proverbial 11th hour, so had to make do with new stock sounds. Hopefully that didn’t cause too much confusion. If you know of anyone who enjoys writingContinue reading “Episode 2: Christa Pandey: Eggplant Abundance”

Episode 1: Agnes Eva Savich: The Redemption of the Pear

Welcome to the first episode of The Culinary Saijiki podcast! I talk with Agnes Eva Savich, leader of the Austin Haiku Study Group (among other things) about eight of her haiku. Along the way, we discuss holidays, motherhood, fruit, and the fun of Haiku North America conferences. Agnes’ blog: https://agnesevasavich.wordpress.com/ For long-form essays and haikuContinue reading “Episode 1: Agnes Eva Savich: The Redemption of the Pear”

Initial Observations Part 3: Seasonal Modifiers

In my May 10th post, I noted that I have observed three broad categories of food words in haiku: Food words that are a definite seasonal referent; Food words that are not a part of any specific season; Food words that become seasonal with an additional modifying word In the May 10th post, I alsoContinue reading “Initial Observations Part 3: Seasonal Modifiers”

Bonus Post: Spring and Summer Celebrations

First, thanks to Pamela Pfautsch for buying me a coffee and supporting The Culinary Saijiki. I appreciate that people I haven’t (yet) met in person are as excited about the project as I am. This bonus post features haiku and related forms from community readers. Thanks to everyone who sent me their work. I hadContinue reading “Bonus Post: Spring and Summer Celebrations”

Observations Part 2: All-Year Food

Before diving in, I’d like to thank Geoff M. Pope for being the first supporter of this new project. I’m now officially making progress on my goal of covering website costs for the year. If you would like to support the Culinary Saijiki project, you can visit the Buy Me a Coffee page here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/culinarysaijiki.Continue reading “Observations Part 2: All-Year Food”