S2E8: Buson, Translation, and Food Part 2

Highlights from Poetry Pea I’ve learned a great deal from Patricia’s two-part conversation with Janice Doppler about the concept of zoka in haiku. I think it’s her best workshop yet! Be sure to check it out, so you’ll be ready to submit your haiku when the submission period opens. Part 1 link: ⁠https://poetrypea.com/s6e31-zoka-how-to-use-it-in-your-writing-part-1-featuring-janice-doppler/⁠ Part 2Continue reading “S2E8: Buson, Translation, and Food Part 2”

S2E7: Buson, Translation, and Food Part 1

More About Patricia Visit the Poetry Pea website to learn more about the podcast and journal: ⁠https://poetrypea.com/⁠ View Patricia’s contributions to re:Virals and Per Diem for the Haiku Foundation:⁠ https://thehaikufoundation.org/tag/patricia-mcguire/⁠ Watch Patricia’s 2020 presentation at the Haiku Society of America Conference: ⁠https://youtu.be/QzPHybySDgw?si=IQOf8EtF2DczSbU_⁠ In Gratitude Thanks to Kimberly Kuchar for buying three coffees to support theContinue reading “S2E7: Buson, Translation, and Food Part 1”

Accepting the Challenges of Translation

Before I commence with this week’s post, I want to take a moment to thank Kimberly Kuchar for buying me three coffees in support of this work. I’m grateful for the support! I’m working on some late summer and early autumn bonus content. If you want to contribute financially, you can do so using theContinue reading “Accepting the Challenges of Translation”

S2E6: Community Open Mic

Thank You, Contributors! Not all of this episode’s contributors have a dedicated online presence, so in the interest of fairness, I am not including supplemental links in these show notes. However, I encourage you to seek out these poets in the various print and online haiku journals: Thank you again for being willing to shareContinue reading “S2E6: Community Open Mic”

Lost Haiku, Authorship, and Translation

Before I begin: Remember that the deadline for the community open mic is Monday, August 28th at 11:59 pm CST! Read the reminder post for updated submission details. Link: https://culinarysaijiki.com/2023/08/21/reminder-last-chance-for-the-podcast-open-mic/ I’ve slowly started to build up an interesting collection of mid- to late-twentieth century classical haiku translations. Many of these anthologies are by people that,Continue reading “Lost Haiku, Authorship, and Translation”

Reminder: Last Chance for the Podcast Open Mic!

There is just one week left to submit some food haiku for the community open mic! This is the only open mic of season 2, so don’t wait around for next time. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting until 2024! Read on for full submission details. First, a reminder that if you run into any issues submittingContinue reading “Reminder: Last Chance for the Podcast Open Mic!”

S2E5: Postcards from Texas

Postcards from Texas is available for preorder Preorder one, or all three, of the Cuttlefish chapbooks for summer 2023: ⁠⁠https://cuttlefishbooks.wixsite.com/home/2023-summer-book-launch⁠⁠ If you preorder my book or the entire bundle, send me your address and I’ll mail you a thank-you postcard! You can also read my interview with fellow Cuttlefish author Lenard D. Moore at myContinue reading “S2E5: Postcards from Texas”

Source Text: The Sound of Water

One of the things I find helpful in the study haiku is people sharing the various sources they use in their own writing practice. A few weeks ago, I gave an overview of Joshua McFadden’s Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables, which is one of my non-haiku source texts. I also thought it wouldContinue reading “Source Text: The Sound of Water”

S2E4: Interdependence: A Conversation with Elliot Nicely

Postcards from Texas is available for preorder Preorder one, or all three, of the Cuttlefish chapbooks for summer 2023: ⁠https://cuttlefishbooks.wixsite.com/home/2023-summer-book-launch⁠ Get Elliot’s Book If you would like a copy of Elliot’s chapbook weathered clapboard, you can email him at elliotnicely [at] yahoo [dot] com. This is a limited print run, so get yours today! MoreContinue reading “S2E4: Interdependence: A Conversation with Elliot Nicely”