Peter Schmidt: Cranberry Bites Back

red berries

In Gratitude
Thank you to M.A. Dubbs, who  bought me  three coffees in August! I’m now 35% of the way  toward my goal of  covering website costs for the year. Those who want to  support the  podcast financially can do so at:

November Community Blog Post
I’m putting together another community blog post (view the May community post here).
Theme: Harvest
Deadline: 11:59 p.m. CST on Wednesday, November 23rd
Submission Form:
Notes: Haiku in languages other than English are welcome; please provide a translation. Experimental haiku are also welcome. If sending previously published haiku, remember to provide publication credit.

More From Peter Schmidt
Read Peter’s haiku in the May community blog post:

Hear Peter’s haiku in the podcast community open mic:

Read Peter’s contest-winning poem here:

Verbing Weirds Language
View the Calvin & Hobbes strip we referenced here:

Theme Music
“J’attendrai” by Django Reinhardt, performing at Cleveland Music Hall, 1939. This recording is in the public domain. Hear the whole song at

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