Episode 6: Matt Defibaugh: On Sorghum Stilts

delicate sorghum halepense grass growing in field on sunny day

In Gratitude
Thank you to our anonymous donor who bought me a total of six coffees in August! I’m now 20% of the way toward my goal of covering website costs for the year. Those who want to support the podcast financially can do so at: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/culinarysaijiki/.

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I’m seeking guests for October, November, and December! If you’d like to be on the podcast, visit https://culinarysaijiki.com/join-the-conversation/ and fill out the form. My life is a little hectic right now, so if I don’t follow up in a timely manner, send me a reminder.

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Christina’s blog: https://christinachin99blog.wordpress.com/
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More About Sorghum
Information from the Oldways Whole Grain Council: https://wholegrainscouncil.org/whole-grains-101/grain-month-calendar/sorghum-june-grain-month

Theme Music
“J’attendrai” by Django Reinhardt,  performing at Cleveland Music Hall, 1939. This recording is in the  public domain. Hear the whole song at https://clevelandhistorical.org/files/show/6045.

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