Episode 2: Christa Pandey: Eggplant Abundance

Note: The theme music and transitions have changed because the ones I was using from my hosting service are suddenly no longer available. I discovered this at the proverbial 11th hour, so had to make do with new stock sounds. Hopefully that didn’t cause too much confusion. If you know of anyone who enjoys writing music and cues for podcasts, please let me know!

Christa’s winning poem in the 2022 Tanka Society of America Fleeting Words Tanka Contest

more than fifty years
we wandered side by side
in seeming bliss
who sees the cracks and flaws
we patched with liquid gold


Christa’s free-verse chapbooks
Southern Seasons
Maya: Glimpses of the Mahabharata
Hummingbird Wings: Karma Meditations
Who am I? Who are We?


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One thought on “Episode 2: Christa Pandey: Eggplant Abundance

  1. Thanks for another good interview. It is definitely the season for eggplant, okra and figs, and maybe squirrels.

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